How to Make a Brush in Procreate

Procreate is a powerful and popular digital drawing app that offers a wide range of customizable brushes. One of the great features it offers is the ability to create your own brushes. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of making a custom brush in Procreate. With these simple steps, you can unleash your creativity and take your digital artwork to the next level.

Step 1: Open Procreate and Create a New Brush

First, open Procreate on your iPad and create a new canvas. Then, go to the brush panel and select the brush that closely resembles the one you want to create. This will serve as the base for your new brush.

How to Make a Brush in Procreate


Step 2: Adjust the Brush Settings

Next, tap on the brush icon to open the brush settings. Here, you can adjust various parameters such as size, opacity, shape, and dynamics to customize the brush according to your preferences. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired look and feel of your brush.

Step 3: Refine the Brush Appearance

After adjusting the basic settings, you can further refine the appearance of your brush. Procreate offers a wide range of options for customizing the brush’s texture, grain, and shape dynamics. Take your time to play around with these options until you get the perfect brush texture and behavior.

Step 4: Test and Adjust the Brush

Once you have fine-tuned the settings, it’s essential to test the brush on your canvas. This will help you to evaluate its performance and make any necessary adjustments. Pay attention to how the brush interacts with the canvas and make tweaks to achieve the desired stroke and texture.

How to Make a Brush in Procreate


Step 5: Save the Custom Brush

After you are satisfied with the brush settings, it’s time to save your custom brush. Tap on the brush settings panel and select “Save New Brush” to add it to your brush library. Give your brush a unique name and you’re all set to use it in your future artworks.

Step 6: Organize and Manage Your Brushes

As you create more custom brushes, it’s important to keep them organized. Procreate allows you to create custom brush sets and organize your brushes into different categories. This makes it easier to access and use your custom brushes whenever you need them.

Step 7: Share Your Brushes

Once you have mastered the art of creating custom brushes, you can also share your brushes with other Procreate users. Sharing your brushes can be a great way to connect with the digital art community and showcase your creativity. You can also explore and download brushes created by other artists to expand your collection.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Make A Brush In Procreate


How Do I Create A Brush In Procreate?


To create a brush in Procreate, go to the brush library, tap the “+” symbol, adjust settings like shape, grain, and dynamics, and tap “Done” to save the new brush.


What Are The Brush Options Available In Procreate?


Procreate offers a wide range of brush options, including different shapes, textures, blending modes, opacity, and size adjustments. You can customize these options to create unique brushes.


Can I Import Custom Brushes Into Procreate?


Yes, you can import custom brushes into Procreate. Simply download the brush file, tap the “+” symbol in the brush library, select “Import,” and choose the downloaded brush file to add it to your library.


How Can I Adjust The Settings Of A Brush In Procreate?


To adjust the settings of a brush in Procreate, select the brush from the brush library, tap on the brush settings icon, and modify the settings such as size, opacity, flow, and other dynamics according to your preference.


Creating custom brushes in Procreate opens up a world of possibilities for digital artists. With a little experimentation and creativity, you can design brushes that are tailored to your unique style and workflow. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional artist, mastering the art of creating custom brushes will undoubtedly take your digital artwork to new heights.

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